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Thankful- Author Signed Copy

Thankful- Author Signed Copy

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When the first snow falls, a girl takes paper, scissors, and pencils. On each slip of paper she writes one thing for which she is thankful: soup, the sun and moon, a friend. As the snow falls, the chain grows. What are YOU thankful for?

Stunning, diorama illustrations bring to life this lullaby of a picture book about celebrating everyday things that make life wonderful.

I am thankful for a home where I am safe and warm.

Thankful for parents who read me stories and comb my hair gently, gently.

Who whisper the same poem every night when they tuck me in.

When the first snow falls, a little girl writes down the things she’s thankful for on strips of paper and links them together. As one idea leads to another, her chain grows longer. There’s so much good in her life: a friend, things that are warm, things that are cold, color, things that can be fixed. This beautiful story is a much-needed reminder to observe and honor life’s small joys.

"Charming, engaging...a visual delight." -Kirkus Reviews

"Wonderfully evocative . . . Readers will be entranced . . . outstanding and unique . . . charming . . . Colorful and original, Thankful will spark young readers to create their own thankful chains--and may inspire them to try their hand at making diorama art, too." - Book Page


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