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Bulloch Drug

Where There's Smoke - Signed Copy

Where There's Smoke - Signed Copy

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This young adult novel is a riveting novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats! 

"On the day Calli Jones buries her father, she's surrounded by people who care about her in the small desert town where she grew up. But after the funeral, when everyone has finally gone home, Calli discovers a stranger on her property: a girl who's dirty and bruised and unable to speak.

And petrified... of everyone but Calli. Calli calls the girl Ash and begins to nurture her back to health. She keeps the girl a secret - well, almost a secret. But word spreads fast in a small community, and soon a police officer comes around, asking questions about a missing girl. 

His questions only raise more questions - about Ash and about the people Calli knows best. 

Soon she must ask: is Ash in danger... or is Ash the danger."


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